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2017 Nursing Student Scholarship Application is available. The application is due September 1 2017 Students will be notified mid-September.

These nursing scholarships are available to students that are enrolled in an accredited nursing school and studying at the DRH Learning Center.

Click here for application

Please call the Foundation office at 580-251-8844 for questions.


DRH Learning Center Nursing Scholarships:

DRH Health Foundation Learning Center Scholarship
Duncan Anesthesia Associates Scholarship
Duncan Realtors Nursing Scholarship
Evette LaParche Freeman Scholarship (OU Students only)
Inez Perkins Nursing Scholarship
Narducci Nursing Scholarship
Nathan Hagin Memorial Nursing Scholarship
LB Learning Center Scholarship
Jack Cohen Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Scholarships for Current Duncan Regional Hospital Nurses only:

DRHHF Nurse Scholarship - BSN
Continued Education Nursing Endowment

Betty Apple Excellence in Nursing Prize
Rick Buchanan Memorial Award
Mary Frances Cox Hospice Nurse Award




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 Cohen Scholarship  Cohen Scholarship
 Betty Apple Excellence in Nursing Prize  Betty Apple Excellence in Nursing Prize
 DRH Nurse Scholarship-BSN  DRH Nurse Scholarship-BSN
 DRHHF Learning Center Scholarship  DRHHF Learning Center Scholarship
 Duncan Anesthesia Associates Scholarship  Duncan Anesthesia Associates Scholarship
 Duncan Realtors Scholarship  Duncan Realtors Scholarship
 Evette LaParche Freeman Scholarship  Evette LaParche Freeman Scholarship
 Inez Perkins Scholarship  Inez Perkins Scholarship
 LB Learning Center Scholarship  LB Learning Center Scholarship
 Mary Frances Cox Hospice Nurse Award  Mary Frances Cox Hospice Nurse Award
 Narducci Nursing Scholarship  Narducci Nursing Scholarship
 Nursing Education Endowment Fund  Nursing Education Endowment Fund
 Rick Buchanan Memorial Award  Rick Buchanan Memorial Award
 Establishing an Endowed Scholarship  Establishing an Endowed Scholarship

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