April 2020


Brett was very professional and efficient and has a pleasing personality. Thank you for all you do.


This is Brett's 2nd Honor


Brett Lovett


Tara always has a positive attitude and always gives the best patient care to ALL of her patients. Very hardworking! The patients and nurses love her. Thank you for taking care of the WHOLE floor not just your patients.


This is Tara's 2nd Honor

Tower 3

Tara Presgrove, CNA


Piper was so amazing with my mother-in-law when she had to stay in the ER. I am thankful Piper treated her like family and made her feel comfortable.


This is Piper's 2nd Honor

Emergency Department

Piper Mayes, RN


Kierstin was so amazing with my mother-in-law when she was in the ER by herself. She made sure she was comfortable the whole time. Thank you.

Emergency Room

Kierstin Cain, RN


Thank you for going above and beyond by making sure we have enough PPE for our hospital and for keeping us all safe. 


This is Debbie's 2nd Honor

Material Management

Debbie Burns


We were in an accident and my young daughter and I needed to have x-rays and a CT. My daughter was extremely scared. Catrina was so sweet to her and made the whole process as fun as she could. I am forever thankful.


Catrina Winburn


Thank you! We appreciate your hard work in getting PPE here for our hospital and keeping us safe.

Materials Management

Diane Fancher


Gina is an amazing instructor. She is cultivating a whole generation of nurses and we are grateful to have worked with her.


This is Gina's 6th Honor


Gina Flesher, RN


One of the best nurses I have ever met. She anticipated all my needs. She was very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. I recovered in large part due to her excellent care. She even bought my brother's lunch when he came to visit me!


This is Terri's 4th Honor

Tower 3

Terri Vinson, RN