Lynn Arzola

Sleep Center

Lynn took care of my sleep testing. She was very kind and informative on the different wires that were placed on me. She made me feel very comfortable in being away from home. She was excellent.


Tod Wilsford


Tod always goes above and beyond to help everyone. One night, I was on the elevator heading to the 2nd floor and Tod was going downstairs. I mentioned I was looking for a mask for a team member in ER. Tod volunteered to find it and take it to the ER. Later he was in a storeroom trying to find something for a nurse gowned in full PPE. He then was going to "zap" a room for housekeeping. We are so appreciative of Tod. He makes everyone's shifts so much better - we are so fortunate to have him.


This is Tod's 2nd Honor.


Julius Sitchon


Julius does an outstanding job of ensuring that lab work is done as promptly as possible, allowing us to provide the best patient care we can. He is always enthusiastic and an excellent team player. We appreciate his hard work so much!


Jordan Keneda, RN

Emergency Room

Jordan took such great care of my mother! He made her feel at ease and comfortable on a day when she was feeling so bad. He was so attentive and made sure that she did not need a thing. He went out of his way to explain everything that he was giving her and made sure she was warm every time he came in the room. Jordan was hands down one of the best nurses she has ever had!


This is Jordan's 2nd Honor.


Billie Butler, RN

House Supervisor

When our daughter underwent an emergency c-section and delivered our granddaughter prematurely, Billie was really there for us. The baby had to be airlifted to a NICU in the OKC area. Billie made sure that we got to catch a glimpse of the baby and stood outside with us until the helicopter took off. She was so compassionate.


This is Billie's 2nd Honor


Natalie Marshall, RN


Natalie is our Hero because one of our team members was choking on food and she jumped up and performed the Heimlich! Natalie is a blessing.


Jordan Keneda, RN

Emergency Room

Jordan not only helped my husband with exceptional medical care but he was extremely encouraging during a really hard time for our family. Jordan had a way of putting our minds at ease and bringing a little joy to the day!


This is Jordan's 3rd Honor