Allison Brown.jpg

Allison Brown, RN

Emergency Department

My dad was in the Emergency Department and received great care from Allison. She was extremely kind and caring. She took extra time with him which he needs to due to his physical condition. Thank you so much.

Hui Hui Lee.jpg

Hui Hui Lee


Hui Hui is very dedicated to her work. She strives to provide the best patient care to every patient. She communicates with nursing and physicians on a daily basis to ensure that patients are being properly nourished and helping to prevent any nutrient deficiencies.

Piper Mayes.jpg

Piper Mayes, RN

Emergency Department

Piper is very nice and caring. She does a very good job!


This is Piper's 3rd Honor.

Keith Holloway.jpg

Keith Holloway

Environmental Services

Keith frequently goes above and beyond by answering call lights to grab supplies for nursing. He also is very thorough with his cleaning and is fast to respond. He is a great team player.


Che Miller, MD


Dr. Miller graciously donated his time filling in as a night shift nurse during the COVID staffing shortage. He is a true Health Hero.


This is Dr. Miller's 9th Honor!


Becky Wagner, RN


Becky's willingness to help others is a breath of fresh air! Whether taking care of patients, helping other team members, or assisting in the office, Becky goes above and beyond to ensure the needs are met! She is a true Health Hero and we appreciate her.


Tracy Lovelace, RN

Emergency Department

My dad was in the Emergency Room and received great care from Tracy. She was extremely kind and caring to him. We couldn't have asked for better care.


This is Tracy's 3rd honor.


Judith Castro

Food & Nutrition

Judith has gone above and beyond for our department. She is flexible with changing positions and staying until our goal is reached - all with a good and positive attitude. Thank you Judith.


Erika Romero, RN


Erika is a critical care GWEN that goes above and beyond for every patient she cares for. She provides an extra level of critical care and attention, not only for the patient's physical concerns but also emotional concerns during this pandemic.


This is Erika's 3rd Honor.


Brigetta Barnes

Emergency Room

Brigetta always has a smile on her face while assisting in the care of patients. She is always willing to go the extra mile. I have witnessed her calming and holding her patient's hand through difficult procedures. She is an asset to the ER team.


Michelle Meddler, RN


Michele is a great asset to the ICU team. Her caring, nurturing, and compassionate attitude truly shines through with her patients. We are truly grateful to have such a wonderful nurse work on our team. Thank you for all that you do!


This is Michele's 2nd Honor.


Fernando Pizana, LPN

Tower 2

I am so glad you listened to your calling all those years ago to say yes to be a nurse. You exemplify the true spirit of giving. Thank you for being unselfish with your time and taking a patient home from the hospital when they had no other transportation. DRH is very lucky to have you on our team.


This is Fernando's 8th Honor.


Joanne Hutchinson, RN

Tower 2

My mom was hospitalized recently. She called me overwhelmed and scared after a rough night and she was needing increased intervention to breathe. Joanne reassured me. She went to my mom, wiped her tears, reassured her, and prayed with her.


This is Joanne's 3rd Honor.


Chelsey Nunley, LPN

Tower 3

I have a relative in the hospital for a "non-covid" related issue. The staff is so overwhelmed with covid but they are still taking care of patients with "regular" issues. They are making a difference in the lives of their patients and bringing a sense of relief to their families. Our family has known Chelsea since she was a little girl and it was so good for our family member to see a familiar face while we were unable to see him. Thank you Chelsea!

This is Chelsea's 2nd Honor.


Dr. Gregory DiSalvatore


Dr. DiSalvatore has gone above and beyond with the care of someone I know. He is doing a great job in keeping our family updated while still caring for all his other patients. Thank you so much.


Aley Morales, RN

Tower 2

Aley is going above and beyond with the care of someone I know while taking care of all her other patients. Thank you so much!


This is Aley's 3rd Honor.


Natalie Davis, RN

Tower 2

Natalie is taking care of someone I know. She is going above and beyond with his care while taking care of all her other patients. Thank you so much!


This is Natalie's 2nd Honor.


Dawn Miller, RN

Case Management

Dawn took the time out of her busy schedule to help someone with benefit enrollment. Thankfully this person can focus on getting well and not worry about insurance coverage for the next year. Thank you Dawn for thinking of others!

This is Dawn's 2nd Honor.


Carrie-Anne Davis

Tower 3

Carrie has gone above and beyond with the care of someone I know. She is doing a great job in keeping us updated while still caring for all her other patients. Thank you for everything you are doing!


This is Carrie-Anne's 2nd Honor.


Madison Welton, RN

Tower 2

Maddy is a busy nursing student and when the pandemic was hitting the hospital hard, she decided to make a difference and start working as a patient care tech. She is an amazing worker and a remarkable human being! I am so proud of her.


Skylar Jenkins


I was getting a test for something that had the potential to be life changing. Skylar helped me to feel secure. She was a great support system to me especially since I was by myself during the test. Thank you Skylar!


Janie Ray

Case Management

Janie works tirelessly to make sure our patients that are most in need have the equipment and resources that are needed to go home. Janie is often found cleaning a donated bedside commode or walker for a patient to take home. Thank you Janie for making a difference!


This is Janie's 3rd honor.


Amy Toomey


Amy is always supportive and extremely flexible in assisting with transportation to JCH. Amy always has a positive attitude and an encouraging word to share. Amy, you are appreciated!


This is Amy's 3rd Honor.