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February 2020

We greatly appreciate her leadership and being a great team member. She is there for us when we need her.

Environmental Services

Marie Yackeshi

Chelsea is a new nurse that advocates for her patients. It is noted that she often takes the time to dig into a diagnosis and learn why things happen. We feel that this helps her notice changes and problems more quickly. Often when she is not busy we can find her helping her teammates. Chelsea is growing into her role very well and we are excited to see her progress. We are very proud of you!

Tower 2

Chelsea Nunley, LPN

Jimmy is a very caring and dedicated team member. He always is there to help when needed - definitely a Rock Star.


This is Jimmy's 2nd Guardian Angel.

Environmental Services

Jimmy Dockall

Skyllar is one of our seasoned nurses. She is a team player. She helped a newer nurse with a pediatric case even though it wasn't her responsibility. She also caught a very critical diagnosis by noticing acute changes in her patient when the patient returned to their room. Way to go Skyllar! We are so glad you are part of the team. This is Skyllar's 2nd Guardian Angel.

Tower 3

Skyllar Weger, LPN

Misty always does an amazing job and she is such a joy to work with. She makes a huge impact on our staff and makes our days better. Thanks Misty for all you do!

Birth Center

Misty Abramson

Hannah is a very compassionate and caring nurse. She helped me when I was sick. She is a great asset to Jefferson County Hospital.

Jefferson County Hospital

Hannah Torrez, RN

Jeffrey is a great team member. He always helps when needed. We greatly appreciate him.

Environmental Services

Jeffrey Goldsberry

Brenda always explains in full detail and is very polite. She does not care how many questions we ask or if we are having trouble understanding.

Duncan Obstetrics/Gynecology Associates

Brenda Thompson, LPN