Myong Massie

Emergency Department

Myong goes above and beyond and never complains. She always has a smile on her face. Her patients absolutely love her. She is such a huge asset to the Emergency Department. Myong is one of the hardest working team members and she is greatly cherished.


Gloria Valles De Torrez, RN

Emergency Department

Gloria is an amazing charge nurse who always goes above and beyond to help out on the floor. Patients just adore her contagious smile. She is always willing to come and help us if we are swamped. Gloria is always there with kind words of encouragement.


Dana Pewitt


From Rural Health Clinics to Accounts Payable, so appreciate all that Dana brings to the administrative side of healthcare!


Julie Lombard


I have a chronic and painful health condition and Julie went above and beyond to help me. I know Pharmacy is very busy and my issue isn't life and death but Julie was so compassionate and did everything she could to ensure that I was well taken care of and my medication was ordered. She also helped offset some of the cost by finding a coupon that I could use for the very expensive drops. Thank you Julie - you are a health hero to me!


Kayla Toumbs, RB

House Supervisor

Kayla is one of the most caring, compassionate, and selfless nurses out there. She is always the first one to offer help and works side by side on the floor with her team. Words cannot express how lucky we are to have her as a true mentor!


This is Kayla's 8th Honor!


Jordan Cody

Rehabilitation Services

Jordan came to our clinic and provided much needed education on car seat safety. This will help us answer questions and monitor for unsafe car seat/seat belt practices. Her presentation was so helpful. We really appreciate her.


Kaley Presgrove


Kaley completes marketing requests with creativity and with a fast turnaround. She always has a smile and is cheerful, working through revisions with a helpful attitude. She embarks the DRH culture and I appreciate her.


Angela Christian

Business Development

Angela exemplifies compassion and caring on a daily basis. She goes above and beyond past informing and updating families. Angela becomes their sounding board, their friend, and the bridge to their loved one. She touches their hearts and holds their hands.


This is Angela's 2nd Honor.


Amie Adams


Amie is always willing to help and go the extra mile for her patients and her team! She will be the one that makes you laugh even when you don't want to. Her patients love her and so do her teammates. She has such a caring soul.


This is Amie's 2nd honor.


Angela Christian

Business Development

Angela has gone above and beyond to help us communicate with family members of our COVID patients. Even when she's not on the phone with family members, she's folding gowns so we'll just be able to grab them and restock the tables. She's a joy to be around, brings a smile and positivity and light to the floor. She has gone above and beyond to make our team feel special and appreciated.


This is Angela's 3rd and 4th Honor!


Bob McGlothin


Bob came and helped me get my car out of the snow in the Homecare parking lot. He got there in just a few minues, was very helpful and patient. I really appreciated it. You are awesome Bob!


Margaret Heath


Every organization has those team members who work quietly behind the scenes. They show up. They work hard. They don't look for faults. They are the foundation of the team. Margaret is one of those. I appreciate all she does and the pleasant attitude with which she does it.


This is Margaret's 3rd honor.