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kierstin cain

Kierstin Cain, RN

Emergency Room

Kierstin was so caring to my family while they were in the ER. Even though it was busy, she made the time to make us feel important and gave such genuine care. This is Kierstin's 2nd honor.

andrea hutson

Andrea Hutson, RN

Intensive Care Unit

I cannot thank you enough for your care and compassion not only to my loved one but to me as well! The ICU is blessed to have top-notch nurses. Even when things looked grim, you were still being his cheerleader. "We will get you through this"; "everything will be okay". I could tell the calmness over him as you spoke these words to him. DRH is blessed to have an amazing nurse like yourself. I pray God richly blesses you and your family for you have been a blessing to ours!


This is Andrea's 4th Honor!

mary roloff

Mary Roloff, RN

Intensive Care Unit

Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for you! You took extremely great care of my loved one while he was in the ICU! You were so attentive and caring. Such a cheerleader for him. Telling him “let me do the worrying and you do the resting”. I always felt reassured at night even with me being there that he had extraordinary care! You have truly blessed us and I am glad you answered your calling in being a nurse! You are amazing at your job!


This is Mary's 3rd Honor.

jessica kay

Jessica Kay


Jessica is one of the hardest workers around! In addition, she is a great co-worker! She is always giving compliments, going beyond her regular job duties to help others and supporting others in any way she can!

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