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February 2019

Kayla has done an excellent job being an advocate and supporter for our night shift crew. We are so thankful for her leadership and knowledge.


This is Kayla's 7th Guardian Angel.


Kayla Toumbs, RN

While at first she seemed a tad quiet, she was so on top of her job. It seemed as though I never had to ask for anything because she was always anticipating my next request. I found it so impressive that before I even knew I needed more ice for my leg or another pillow to reposition myself, she was opening the door with an ice pack or another pillow. On top of being a step ahead of me she was kind and caring.


Tanya Stark, LPN

You have truly been my angel sent by the Great Physician to help heal me. Your wisdom, compassion and never-ending determination to find the cause of my illness has blessed me and I will be forever grateful. This is given with much love and gratitude.


This is Dr. Vonfeldt's 6th Guardian Angel.

Duncan Family Medicine

Krystal Vonfeldt, DO

Julie has spent countless hours both day and night trying to problem solve for patient transfers outside of Stephens County. She is a tremendous advocate for patients at DRH as well as the community. Her out-of-the-box thinking and her willingness to work with community leaders is heroic. We are lucky to have her.


This is Julie's 2nd Guardian Angel.

Director, Emergency Room

Julie Pennypacker, RN

Chris routinely assists with transportation of patients from the hospital to extended care facilities inside and outside our community. He is an unsung hero that is just doing the right thing for our patients and community.


This is Chris' 2nd Guardian Angel.

Director, Advanced Medical Supply

Chris Genn

Paula is a wonderful lactation consultant who helped me tremendously after my baby was born and we were having problems. She was full of knowledge and resources to help my breastfeeding journey succeed. From the bottom of my heart - thank you!


This is Paula's 4th Guardian Angel.

Birth Center

Paula Hancock, RN

Amber was not on call but she came in the middle of the night to help in the Birth Center. Thank you so much Amber!


This is Amber's 2nd Guardian Angel.


Amber Womack

When there was a critical situation, Jolene stepped right in, stayed calm, gathered all the supplies, anticipated needs and directed others to ensure a positive outcome. Jolene frequently and willingly helps out as a scrub tech on busy days and often stays late or arrives early to make sure supplies are ordered so the team and our patients have everything they need.


This is Jolene's 2nd Guardian Angel.


Jolene Morgan

Linda took care of my mother after her knee replacement surgery. She went above and beyond and had a very pleasant attitude. I was so pleased with everything she did.


This is Linda's 3rd Guardian Angel.

Joint Replacement Center

Linda Lee, RN

Thank you Crystal for going above and beyond last week when I traveled to Nashville and forgot to pack my medications. Appreciate your help!

Duncan Family Care

Crystal Jacks, LPN

Heather took time out of her busy day to help me with a project. She was so gracious and helpful which made my job so much easier. I really appreciate her and her dedication to JCH and DRH.

Jefferson County Hospital

Heather Bryant