Misty Burleson

Environmental Services

Misty is always a joy to be around. She can light a whole room up with her smile and bubbly personality. She can make you laugh even when you are down. She is a such a hard worker! Keep bringing the love and joy!


This is Misty's 2nd Honor.


Brigetta Barnes

Emergency Department

This girl is amazing! You can see her smile through her mask. Her personality just shines and makes any room brighter. Like the best friend you haven't seen in a long time but with a complete stranger. Thank you for all the love you gave me and my son.


This is Brigetta's 2nd Honor.


Cindy Salazar, RN

Emergency Department

Cindy is one of the most caring, nurturing, and compassionate nurses I have ever met. When knowing I had Covid, she went above and beyond taking care of not only me but making sure my son was comfortable and not worried. Thank you so much!


Bryana Noble


This young lady is very caring, always upbeat, and goes out of her way to make sure you are cared for!


Keri Miller, RN

Tower 2

Keri went above and beyond to take care of a relative of mine when he was in the hospital. She is doing a great job and I am very thankful for her.


This is Keri's 4th Honor.


Tom Butler


Tom always goes above and beyond for his patients and is never hesitant to help his fellow team members. Tom always supports nursing. He goes out of his way to assist us in taking care of patients and never complains. We greatly appreciate him!


Justin Kaus

Emergency Department

Justin is very caring and did a great job in taking care of me! Thank you.


Matt Brooks


As a team member, I am so thankful when other team members take great care of my family members! Matt went out of his way to help my grandmother when she locked her keys in the car. He was so kind and helpful the entire time. Thank you Matt!


Jackie Massie

Duncan Bone & Joint

Jackie was willing to go above and beyond in assisting me. She is always so kind to me both as a patient and a co-worker!


Carolyn Covington,RN


Carolyn is the most loving, caring, biggest hearted person that I know. She was there for us as a family and made us feel like my mom was the only patient she had. If we needed her, she dropped everything to either make a visit or at least calm our fears and concerns over the phone. I always knew she was an exceptional nurse but she is also an exceptional person.


This is Carolyn's 4th Honor.


Stephanie Johnson

Duncan Bone & Joint

Stephanie was willing to go above and beyond in assisting me. She took the time to sit with me and see what I needed and then ran with it!