Dale McCulloch

Food & Nutrition

Dale is a hard worker. He has been with DRH for 12 years and he is a great guy to work with. We are lucky to have him at DRH.

burkehendricksBIGinsta copy.jpg

Burke Hendricks, DO

Emergency Department

In 2021, while at home, without warning, my upper aorta ruptured. Most people do not survive this, when on the table, much less at home. I was brought to the DRH ER where Dr. Hendricks and others worked quickly to assess my condition. Blood was flowing into my heart sack putting pressure on my heart causing my blood pressure to drop drastically and quickly. Dr. Hendricks, knowing he needed to work fast, obtained my husband's permission to perform a procedure that he had never had to do before. He had practiced often while in residency. I am so thankful he courageously performed this procedure that successfully gave me the time I needed to get to heart surgeons in OKC. I'll always believe God placed Dr. Hendricks in the ER, with his knowledge and abilities, just for me that night.


Cecil Wilkerson

Food & Nutrition

Cecil is a great worker. He goes above and beyond to help his fellow co-workers.


Rita Walser

Food & Nutrition

Rita is very pleasant to work with. She takes pride in her work and works very hard to make sure that everything is clean and well-stocked. Rita makes amazing pizzas and anything else at the grill. She also does a wonderful job preparing "to-go cups" with delicious fruit and parfaits.