Lillian Lamb

Food & Nutrition

Lillian's home department is at DRH. When she comes to JCH, she prepares outstanding meals for our patients and team members. Lillian exceeds all expectations for service, health, and safety for our patients, team members , and the kitchen.


This is Lilllian's 3rd Honor.


Cindy Feudale, LPN

Home Health

Cindy's commitment and hard work to caring for her patients and to her team makes her valuable to home health. She is always willing to help and do what's best for our patients. Thank you!


Brenda McDaniel, RN

Home Health

Brenda has been trying to transition towards retirement but she has stepped up and happily helps home health whenever she can. Her commitment and love for nursing and to DRH shows through her readiness to help and care for our patients. Thank you!


This is Brenda's 2nd Honor.


Jennifer Stroud, LPN

Home Health

Jennifer's ability to multi-task, coordinate, and acclimate to the ever-changing processes makes her a valuable nurse and intake coordinator for home health and hospice. Her diligence with maintaining accountability to her job and still attend RN school is very commendable. Thank you!


Vicki Case, RN


Vicki's dedication and compassion in caring for our patients is what makes her valuable to our hospice team. She has often been called an "Angel" because of how she made her patients and their families feel. Thank you.


Kensi Cook, RN


Kensi goes above and beyond for her patients and the staff that she supervises. I watched her with a young patient of ours and she was so kind and able to connect in a way that others had not been able. It was a beautiful moment.


This is Kensi's 3rd Honor!


Sonia Torres

Tower 3

Sonia Rocks! She went above and beyond helping the JRC unit. She tayed past her scheduled time on an extra day. She kept a smile on her face all day and was so pleasant to work with. She is a hard worker and a true Health Hero!


Linsey Pierce


I want you to know how much I appreciate you. Most people do not realize how much you do. You are always so calm on the phone with everyone you talk too. I appreciate you!


Trisha Matlock, LPN


Trisha is compassionate, kind, and hard-working. She is passionate about helping not only patients, but her fellow team members as well. She makes each day a little brighter for everyone!


Whitney Gonzalez


I really appreciate you and all that you do which most people don't even know. You are so calming to the other person on the line who needs an ear. I appreciate you!


Kim Bingham

Home Health

We always appreciate Kim's positive, kind, and respectful mannerisms towards her patients and fellow team members. Her hard work and willingness to help wherever needed has made her a valuable team member to our organization. Thank you.


Cindy Willis


I really appreciate all that you do. You are so calming on the phone and always helpful to the patient, doctor, nurse or team member who needs an ear. Thank you!!


Jennifer McDonald


Jennifer has worked tirelessly to cover shifts when needed in Radiology. She always makes sure her patients are taken care of. She never complains and always has such a great attitude. Thank you Jennifer!!


Fernando Pizana, LPN

Tower 2

Fernando had a patient that needed a ride home after spending time in the hospital. Fernando graciously clocked out of his shift and provided the patient a ride home. Fernando - you are a true Health Hero!!


This is Fernando's 7th Honor!!


Lee Nail

Materials Management

Lee helped out so much by filling in for extra shifts when it was needed. He has been a great trainer for the new team members. Thank you so much.


This is Lee's 2nd Honor.

Jamie Torgensen.jpg

Jamie Torgensen, RN

Tower 2

Jamie sits on the bed with her Covid-19 patient as she helps him to eat. She provides him companionship and friendship in his time of need. Jamie - you are a true Health Hero.


This is Jamie's 2nd honor

Martin Fincher.jpg

Martin Fincher

Food & Nutrition

Martin brought me and another team member lunch on a very busy day when he noticed it was past lunch time and we were too busy to get the food ourselves. Of course, he did this with a smile and it was so appreciated.


This is Martin's 4th honor!

Mandy Clark, RN

Emergency Department

Mandy is always willing to help every one of her team members. She is really good with all of the patients no matter their age. She is a great person and I am glad she is on our team.


This is Mandy's 5th Honor

Felicia Garcia, RN

Tower 2

As a charge nurse on the Covid-19 floor, Felicia works diligently to ensure her nurses have the supplies and equipment they will need to care for their patients. She provides leadership and organization that helps the day to run smoothly.

Allison Mattox.jpg

Allison Mattox, LPN

Tower 3

Allison is so kind and caring to her patients. She is a team player is always willing to lend a hand. She is definitely an asset to DRH.