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Ruby Buchanan


Three people placed an order in the Cafe and when they went to pay, they only had a cash app card which wasn't accepted. Ruby swiped her badge and paid for their meals, without giving it a second thought!


Heather Bryant

Jefferson County Hospital

Heather is an outstanding team member. She always goes above and beyond for our patients, team members, and often for community members. She is a perfect example of a health Super Hero!


This is Heather's 2nd honor.


Charlotte Noble, LPN

Jefferson County Hospital

Charlotte did a great job when caring for a pediatric patient who came into the Emergency Department. She demonstrated compassion and a caring attitude not only for the patient but for the family as well. She is a fantastic nurse.


Jackie Massie

Pavilion Clinic-Urology

We would like to say thank you to Jackie and recognize her as a very helpful person!


This is Jackie's 2nd Honor!


Chyanne Zindel

Imaging Center

Chyanne has been the technician who has done the vast majority of the ultrasounds for us during our first pregnancy. She has been absolutely wonderful. She is comforting, compassionate, smart, and goes above and beyond every chance she gets. She's been a blessing and we are so thankful she has been a part of our journey.

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