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Jack Cohen Family Memorial Scholarship

Jack Cohen was a man that believed no matter your religion, if you followed the Ten Commandments “you will be a good person and each person should try to do good deeds.”

Born in Jerusalem in 1897, Jack moved to the United States to escape being drafted in the German army during World War I. Not having the resources necessary to purchase a ships passage, he solved the problem by working his way over on a tramp steamer.

After working in New York for a short time, he learned that the British were allowing Jewish boys to enlist in their army to form a Jewish Brigade.  Jack did not hesitate.  He went to England and became a British soldier.

After the war, Jack returned to the United States working in New York, Ohio and Indiana.  This is where he met his wife, Nellie Abels.  They eventually had two children, Don and Sandra.  Then the Great Depression hit and supporting his family became difficult.  An uncle, who resided in Ardmore, told them “come to Oklahoma, where there are opportunities.” And that is what they did – settling in Duncan.

Jack opened a “Pipe and Supply” company where he removed scrap shavings from Earle P. Halliburton’s company.  Due to Earle’s kindness, Jack was able to last through the depression and Jack Oil Company was born.

Jack had a dream and desire to see a Nursing School in Duncan. Through his deep involvement with the American Legion, he created a Nursing Scholarship.  In 2007, the Cohen family established the Jack Cohen Family Memorial Scholarship through the DRH Health Foundation as a way to remember Jack and his dream.


Misty Roberts-Cohen Scholarship

Betty Apple, RN and Misty Roberts

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