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Jennifer Cruz, LPN

Rural Health Clinics

Jennifer has been working two jobs for about a year now. She has been serving as the Nurse Supervisor for 8 rural clinics as well as serving as the float LPN for the same clinics. This is extremely difficult on her because she is having to supervise and train nursing staff while working as a nurse in various clinics. She has to wear many different hats, drive many miles, and wake up early and get home late. She has sacrificed a lot to make the rural clinics successful, and we are very grateful for her time and effort. Thank you, Jennifer, you are a true Hero.

This is Jennifer's 2nd Honor.


Nikki Scheafer, RN

Birth Center

The Birth Center has a situation where a patient repeatedly ask for a new nurse. Nikki continued to provide exceptional and compassionate care even through a difficult situation.

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