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Miranda Davis, RN

Tower 2

Miranda is proactive; she will take it upon herself to ask about patients and how they’re doing. She works well with rehab/speech and is a great communicator. She always seems to “be on it!” in regards to patient care. I really enjoy working with Miranda and appreciate the job she’s doing. She really seems to love it.


Shaylee Johnson, RN

Tower 2

Shaylee is always working hard to do her job above and beyond. She is an excellent nurse. She took care of all our medical needs and she made sure our stay was comfortable.


Jennifer Stroud, RN


Jennifer goes above and beyond to help all of the staff all of the time. She is the glue that holds our office together. Because of her, we are able to deliver wonderful care to our patients. Thank you so much, Jennifer.


This is Jennifer's 2nd honor


Brett Lovett

Imaging Center

I had my very first CT scan. Brett was hands-down the kindest gentleman. I told him my concerns of being nervous and he made me feel so comfortable. What a great asset to DRH. Thank you. This is Brett's 3rd Honor.


Rose Drew

Comprehensive Rehab Unit

Rose is a big-hearted person who is always kind and generous. She is always willing to help and shows great empathy towards others.


This is Rose's 2nd Honor.

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