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Dan Segroves, RN

Cath Lab

Dan was absolutely amazing during my procedure in the Cath Lab. It was a very scary time for me and Dan was very kind. He explained the procedure step by step which had a very calming effect. from one DRH Team Member to another, "You Sir, are a true hero."


Dominque Franklin, LPN

Duncan Family Care

Dominque has been a wonderful and compassionate nurse in the DRH clinic system for years, but she really shines as a nurse supervisor. She is compassionate and fair with her staff. She is dedicated to staying up to date on all changes. She seeks out knowledge to better educate herself and her staff. Dominique never shies away from helping another clinic or supervisor when it is in her power to do so.


Diana Harris, RN

Tower 3

Diana took excellent care of me when I presented at the hospital with a very painful medical situation. She was kind, compassionate, and very helpful. It was a very unpleasant situation for both of us, but she was professional and courteous.


Marla Hicks

Information Technology

Having Meditech issues while on night shift, Marla has, not once, but twice answered after-hours calls. She resolved the issue quickly so I could get back to my work. Thank you for your dedication. I appreciate you.


Rita Walser


Rita was kind of enough to pay for our food when we forgot our badges. Thank you so much!


This is Rita's 2nd Honor.


Sandra Bares


Sandra is a dedicated, hard worker and one of the best team players. She makes sure everything is ready and prepared in the mornings to help make the Pharmacy successful for our nurses and patient's care. She is our Pharmacy rock!


Iskra Ocana

Environmental Services

Iskra is the best at what she does! She is not only the best housekeeper but we are also so proud of her for recently obtaining her US citizenship. Congratulations Iskra for going above and beyond.


This is Iskra's 2nd Honor.


Angela Bates, LPN

Walters Family Care

This nurse goes out of her way to show our patients she truly cares about them. She is always kind and giving. Expectant moms get handmade baby quilts. She is also very active in the community!


Maria Elkins, CNA

Jefferson County Hospital

Maria stood out to us as going beyond her job! You can tell she genuinely cares about people. She was so personal and loving with our mom. She was patient and kind like she was taking care of our mama as if she was her own family. That meant so much to us.

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