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Natalie Smirl, RN

Intensive Care Unit

Natalie is a very compassionate, caring, and hardworking nurse. She took care of a severely critical patient and did not miss a beat. She was quick to respond, knowledgeable, caring, and downright amazing. Natalie can be my nurse any day!

This is Natalie's 4th Honor


Peggy Strawn

Food & Nutrition

Peggy is the best. She is always so helpful and quick to help in any situation. At an event, a participant needed something to help with his sugar level, and she quickly went and got him something without even being asked – she saw the need and took care of it. Thank you Peggy for all you do!


Holly Davis

Tower 3

Holly was attentive and caring to our family member who was on comfort care. She served him six long days. Thank you very much.

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