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Betty Apple  In 2007, Ed Apple was stumped; he did not know what to get Betty for her 70th birthday.  He wanted it to be a gift that would honor her.  It was from this wish the "Grand Betty Award" was conceived.

Officially known as The Betty Apple Award for Excellence in Nursing Services, this annual prize is awarded to a Duncan Regional Hospital RN that exhibits the following standards of excellence:

  • Being the front line patient advocate

  • Showing sincere compassion and respect when caring for patient and family

  • Communicating in an effective manner

  • Respecting fellow workers

  • Participating in community service

Past Recipients are:

2007  Vickie Christian, RN - Hospice
2008  Edith Phillips, RN - Homecare
2009  Carmen Phillippi, RN - Tower 2
2010   Jojeanna Sanders, RN - Emergency Department
2011    Dayna Trusty, RN - Surgical Services
2012   Reggie Pennypacker, RN - ICU
            Debbie Ramsey, RN - Wound Care
2013   Jodie Franzen, RN
2014   Patty Wininger, RN
2015   Chelsea Patrick, RN

2016   Nicole Nichols, RN

2017   Billie Butler, RN

2018   Pat Notley, RN

2019   Rachel Blundell, RN

2020  Linda Lee, RN

2021    Tonya Mayfield, RN

2022   Kayla Toumbs, RN

2023   Jamie Torgersen, RN

Betty Apple, RN

Betty Apple, RN

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2024 Betty Apple Excellence in Nursing Winner
Jeni Copeland, RN with Betty Apple, RN, Retired

Betty Apple Excellence in Nursing Prize

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