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Choosing Hospice Doesn't Mean You Are Giving Up

The story of William T. (Bill) and Susan Gassaway Choosing Hospice doesn't mean you are giving up... it means you've taken control over how you want to spend the rest of your life “The heart and lung doctors told my husband, Bill, ‘there is nothing more we can do,’” said Susan. "Bill, who had fought through four rounds of pneumonia and a heart attack, had a virus which paralyzed half his lungs and congenitally small heart valves which made by-pass and stints impossible to do. Bill, ever the planner, asked the doctors if he had 10 years. No. Five years? No. Two years? No. Bill stopped asking.” Susan was friends with Bill and his previous wife. After her passing, Bill and Susan would spend

A New Beginning

As a nursing student in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program through the University of Oklahoma, Heather Maurer understands commitment. The commitment of 14 consecutive months of theoretical and clinical nursing education while raising three young children. The commitment of being a single mother of three: Asher (5), Caleb (3), and Hannah (15 mo). These two commitments sum up the entirety of her life at this point in time. “Asher is in pre-K and head-start which solves a lot of issues with daycare for my one child. He is a very loving and goofy child, so goofy that he asks me to tickle him just so he can laugh,” said Heather. “Caleb, my middle child is either laughing or

Meet JP and Adam

Their story could be your story. Beginning their careers in one field and changing to a completely new field midstream. JP Edgar is a local boy – raised in Comanche, attended East Central University and began his career in retail. He was a co-manager at a grocery store in Ada and later a department manager at the “old” Wal-Mart in Duncan. “For 10 years I worked in every section that didn’t have carpet – hardware, health & beauty, fishing and the garden center,” said JP. “One night when I was off shift, on a forklift unloading cow manure in the rain I knew it was time for a change.” While still working full-time, JP attended the Great Plains Technology Center (Lawton) respiratory school. G


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