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A New Beginning

As a nursing student in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program through the University of Oklahoma, Heather Maurer understands commitment. The commitment of 14 consecutive months of theoretical and clinical nursing education while raising three young children. The commitment of being a single mother of three: Asher (5), Caleb (3), and Hannah (15 mo). These two commitments sum up the entirety of her life at this point in time.

“Asher is in pre-K and head-start which solves a lot of issues with daycare for my one child. He is a very loving and goofy child, so goofy that he asks me to tickle him just so he can laugh,” said Heather. “Caleb, my middle child is either laughing or crying. He qualifies for head-start next year but for now my mother, an amazing woman, watches my children while I am in school. Hannah – she gets the luxury of two older brothers who take care of her and on occasion think she is old enough to wrestle.” As you can see, Heather’s children are her life.

“My marriage became very difficult for me and the children and I had no choice but to file for divorce,” said Heather. “My husband had left me in a very scary situation where I couldn’t support my children independently and I was isolated in the state of Utah. The Murray Police Department provided me with victim’s funds that allowed me to move to Oklahoma to be closer to family.”