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A New Beginning

As a nursing student in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program through the University of Oklahoma, Heather Maurer understands commitment. The commitment of 14 consecutive months of theoretical and clinical nursing education while raising three young children. The commitment of being a single mother of three: Asher (5), Caleb (3), and Hannah (15 mo). These two commitments sum up the entirety of her life at this point in time.

“Asher is in pre-K and head-start which solves a lot of issues with daycare for my one child. He is a very loving and goofy child, so goofy that he asks me to tickle him just so he can laugh,” said Heather. “Caleb, my middle child is either laughing or crying. He qualifies for head-start next year but for now my mother, an amazing woman, watches my children while I am in school. Hannah – she gets the luxury of two older brothers who take care of her and on occasion think she is old enough to wrestle.” As you can see, Heather’s children are her life.

“My marriage became very difficult for me and the children and I had no choice but to file for divorce,” said Heather. “My husband had left me in a very scary situation where I couldn’t support my children independently and I was isolated in the state of Utah. The Murray Police Department provided me with victim’s funds that allowed me to move to Oklahoma to be closer to family.”

Upon arrival in Oklahoma, Heather moved in with her mother and began the process of applying to the OU-ABSN program. “My children are the light of my life and providing for their security and a stable future is my number one priority. I have a Bachelors Degree in Biology and experience in healthcare. So nursing was my natural option given my interest in patient care.” said Heather.

Once admitted to the program Heather elected to attend classes at the DRH Learning Center, located on the Duncan Regional Hospital campus. “The DRH Learning Center has personally served as a place of peace where I can complete my assignments and study for exams. Having the opportunity to meet in the Learning Center for classes and having clinical rotations just across the street in the hospital is a dream come true. The accommodations that Duncan Regional Hospital has given students access to in order to further our education are amazing. I drive in from Lawton everyday and it’s so nice to have everything at your fingertips once you’re here,” shared Heather.

The DRH Learning Center is 12,000 square feet consisting of 8 skills labs, a computer lab, high fidelity adult and baby simulation manikins, a lecture hall and two additional classrooms. Every room is equipped with the latest high-tech computer equipment to accommodate distance learning.

“As a whole, the entire team at Duncan Regional Hospital has been exceptionally loving and helpful; they even open the Learning Center at 7:00am for us. This has made a huge difference in my performance in this program. I don’t get a lot of peace at home with things being hectic so my days start at 4:30am in order to get it all done. Having time in the mornings in the Learning Center to study and get prepared for the day is invaluable to my success. I can also say that having access to the computer lab with internet has aided tremendously in my ability to do research for my ABSN program.” exclaimed Heather.

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