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Meet Angel Wylie, Graduating May 2020

Angel Wylie

When asked why she wants to be a nurse, Angel shares, “I want to make people feel better and bring a smile to their face.” It is this simple yet powerful statement that has guided Angel these past years.

Born and raised in Duncan, Angel graduated from Empire Public Schools. “After graduation, I attended Oklahoma City Community College for a while,” said Angel. “But I didn’t like it, so I came home.” During this time she married, had her first daughter and worked several jobs until she landed at Sanford Children’s Clinic as their receptionist. “I worked there for seven years and enjoyed it,” said Angel. “It was there that I learned as the front line person your attitude can trickle down to everyone else the patient may see, so it is important to be smiling and welcoming.”

Angel’s mother and grandmother are both in healthcare, but it is from her grandmother, Roseanna Schmidt, that she developed the love of nursing. “She was a Certified Nursing Assistant at Duncan Regional Hospital for many years, and she would share with me how much she enjoyed caring for patients,” smiled Angel. “I knew I wanted to do the same.”

In 2012, Angel enrolled in Cameron University-Duncan to earn an Allied Health degree. “It wasn’t easy as I now had two young daughters and worked full-time,” said Angel. “I would take one or two classes at a time.” She graduated in January 2018 and started OCU Kramer School of Nursing (Duncan) the fall of 2018.

“My first year of nursing school has gone by so fast,” smiled Angel. “We have eleven in our class, and we are so close and help each other out.” Angel shared that if the Learning Center weren’t here, it would not be possible for her to attend nursing school. “It is so convenient to have the school just a few blocks from my home,” said Angel. “If I had to drive out of Duncan, it would take more time from my family and studying. I even can do my clinical rotations right here, it is wonderful.”

Angel is the first recipient of the Nola Sue Beall Memorial Nursing Scholarship. “This scholarship means so much to me,” said Angel. “The financial support helped to alleviate the stress of trying to find money to pay tuition.”

Right now, Angel envisions herself working on the medical-surgical floor. “I love the idea of treating people with a wide variety of situations and having the opportunity of developing a relationship with them,” said Angel. “You don’t always get that chance in other areas.”

It hasn’t always been an easy road for Angel. Her grandmother is experiencing health issues, and Angel is helping to take care of her. From car troubles to layoffs, to studying late into the night, Angel has had to deal with many of life’s ups and downs. But through it all, she has her eye on the prize, which is to become a Registered Nurse and work at Duncan Regional Hospital. “There are times that I feel guilty that I am missing experiences with my daughters and husband,” sighed Angel. “But when we drive by the hospital and my oldest gets excited to know that I will be working there someday and is proud of me, then all this is well worth it.”

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