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Thank you Dr. Weedn

Compassionate. Innovative. Dedicated. Skilled. Visionary.

These are just a few of the words that describe the incredible legacy of Dr. Robert James Weedn. His vision was to work with the Chamber of Commerce to establish a task force that would recruit specialty physicians to our community. Through this task force, the medical and lay community joined together to create one community hospital – Duncan Regional Hospital.

At Duncan Regional Hospital, Dr. Weedn was a founding member of the board of directors where he served from 1976-1986, 1990-1996, 2001-2004, and 2008-2016. He served on the Surgery Committee throughout his career and as chair from 1999-2020. Additionally, he was Chief of Staff from 1989-1990.

After 53 years as a physician and 47 years as a surgeon, Dr. Weedn announced his retirement in September 2020.

Dr. Weedn wished to express his appreciation to those community members including Howard and Tom McCasland, Jack Maurer, Tommy Jones, Joel Wilkinson, Patsy Garner, Dale Jones, Hal Thornton, Sue Beall, Jarita Askins, Bill Randle, Pat Grantham, Jack Geurkink, and Ed Darling who made his dream and vision for Duncan’s medical future a reality. To his medical colleagues – doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, other team members, and office staff for creating a uniquely caring environment for patients. And to all the patients who placed their trust and confidence in him throughout the years.

By his side for over 54 years, his wife, Julie, managed the back office of his practice and their other businesses, played an instrumental role in the early years of physician recruitment, all while providing a supportive home environment for him and their children (Rob, Ashley, and Travis).

The legacy of Dr. Weedn is nothing short of remarkable. His vision, perseverance, and focused commitment to healthcare in our community for the past 53 years have positioned DRH Health to serve our patients and our communities today and tomorrow.


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